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John Eades transfers stories and best practices from today's leaders to the leaders of tomorrow. Popular topics include Leadership, Management, and Motivation.
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Dec 31, 2019

"What do you need to put down in your life to get ready for what matters most?"

In the latest episode of the Follow My Lead podcast John get's your ready for 2020 by covering two essential topics:

What's your "One Word" for 2020?

What do you need to put down in 2020 to make this year your best?


Dec 24, 2019

"Dare to live like Dean did, because he never stopped dreaming and neither should you."

In season 23, Jonathan Adcock joined the show to share the story of his brother Dean Adcock.  Dean had down syndrome but he didn't let it stop him from bringing joy to the world every day and neither should you. 

You can learn more about Jonathan's book Dean: Daring to Live Like My Brother with Down Syndrome


Dec 18, 2019

“Every person has the ability to lead; it’s just a matter of learning how.”

In season 23 episode 7, Ryan Hawk joins the show.  He is the host of the Learning Leader Podcast and the author of the upcoming book Welcome to Management. You can learn more and preorder the book here.

In the show we cover:

- Why is curiosity a skill that can be developed?

- How to handle someone who isn’t in growth mode

- How do you fight the urge to know feel like a know it all

- How do you handle someone, not in growth mode

- Are leaders born or made?

- One leadership competency that’s most important for a leader

- What is Intellectual humility?

- Why do so many bad leaders stay in positions of leadership

- What is someone working for a bad boss supposed to do?

- What are the common skills and behaviors of great leaders


Dec 11, 2019

"Your job as a leader is to elevate others, not just elevate the people you like.”

In season 23 episode 6, John Eades covers the difficult question, should leaders be friends with their team members?

Quick Episode Summary:

- Why your human nature desires to be liked

- Why being a friend to someone on your team isn't wrong

- How comfort can cause carelessness

- Why friendship can't affect your ability to lead well

- How love and discipline is key in effective leadership


Dec 4, 2019

"Healthy conflict creates courage and connection"

In season 23 episode 6, John Eades covers the important topic of conflict and how healthy conflict can be used to create better outcomes for teams. 

Specifically he covers:

- The five common types of conflict in the workplace

- What healthy conflict means

- Why healthy conflict is so important

- Why courage is so important in conflict

- Why connections with people are critical

- The 6 key factors to consider when inviting opinion conflict into your team

- What do to if you work for a bad leader and have internal conflict

Nov 27, 2019

"Great leaders help others develop skills to be able to solve their own problems."

In season 23 episode 5, John Eades tackled the important topic of Thankfulness and why it's important for you as a leader.

In the show we cover:

- The difference between appreciation and recognition

- Why your people are worth being thankful for

- How to embrace the obstacles and adversity you face

- Why you should be thankful to mentors and previous leaders

Nov 19, 2019

"Hope is not a strategy."

In season 23 episode 4, John Eades covers five key strategies for successfully leading remote team members.  

Specific topics include:

- Why trust is so important with remote employees

- Why employees deserve to be led better

- How to see people as human when they are remote

- Why clear standards are important

- How often to talk about values and culture

Get your copy of Building the Best: 8 Proven Leadership Principles to Elevate Others to Success.

Nov 12, 2019

In season 23 episode 3 we are joined by Rob O'Donohue.  He is the host of the 1% Better Podcast and is a PMO/Leadership Coach at Dell.

In the show we cover:

- The story of Dave Brailsford and British Cycling

- How to be a better coach to others

- Great questions to leverage in order to effectively coach

- What role emotional intelligence plays

- How you can improve your emotional intelligence

Nov 5, 2019

In season 23 episode 2, John Eades digs into the background of where Building the Best started, what accountability really means, and how to leverage the Acts of Accountability Model to help you.  

You can get the book at Amazon or wherever you listen to podcasts. 


Oct 29, 2019

“You are never going to get to the next level of your leadership and impact if you’re terrified of who you were yesterday.”

In season 23, episode 1, we are joined by Robin Sharma.  He is the author of the best selling books, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and The 5 AM Club. His ideas and messages have transformed the lives of millions of leaders all over the world.  

In this episode we cover:

  • Why SoulCycle is an excellent example of why you should turn up your resistance
  • How to tap into your greatness
  • Who is Robin’s Spellbinder
  • How to get to the center of humility
  • The four parts of the personal mastery equation
  • What is the 5 AM Club
  • Why our phones are costing us our fortune
  • What’s the 20/20/20 formula
  • What you can do if you aren’t a morning person
  • Why learning hits you right when you need it
  • How to handle criticism
  • Why it’s important, you put your light in the world
  • How you can influence without authority
Oct 15, 2019

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” John F. Kennedy

In season 22 episode 10, John Eades covers how to be a more grateful leader.  

Specific topics include:

- What is gratitude

- How bad, average, good, and great leaders express gratitude

- How to change your life

- How to develop more gratitude. 

- Why it's important to express your gratitude to someone else

- Why you should journal

- Why stillness is the key

Oct 8, 2019

“Every transformation requires change, but not every change amounts to transformation.”

In season 22, episode 9, Author and Consultant Amir Ghannad joins the show to discuss all things transformation.  You can learn more about him here

In the show we cover:

- The definition of transformation

- Does everyone require transformation

- How to get to 100% of your commitments

- Why communication is the key to commitment

- Why Be-There-Ship is so important to leadership

- What’s a leaders responsibility to getting to know people on a personal level

- Three areas all problems come from

- Why a fear-driven mindset will hurt you 

- How do you inspire commitment in others


Sep 24, 2019

"Each successful moment of leadership matters."

In season 22 episode 8 John Eades covers, how to practice leadership. Specifically, things you can do to grow and get better at a rapid rate. 

In the show he covers

- The difference between knowledge, comprehension, and application

- Why developing your leadership skills is so important

- Why it's important to know where you stand in order to get better

- How to lead in moments of leadership

- What's the definition of leadership

- Why Ben Franklin had it right about preparation

- Why you can't worry about being perfect

- How to not compound your leadership mistakes 

Sep 17, 2019

"When you help someone else find and develop confidence in themselves, it will change the trajectory of their life."

In season 22 episode 7 John Eades covers the important topic of confidence. Specifically, how do you help others find and develop confidence in themselves?

In the show he covers:

- What's the definition of confidence

- How to develop confidence in yourself

- Why helping others find confidence is so important

- How to actively help others develop confidence

- How to transfer belief to others

- Why challenging others is so important

- How to empower others to make decisions

- How to coach and teach others

- Why Praise and acknowledgment is critical 


Sep 11, 2019

"Eliminate those words that you feel like are protecting you from failure, they are just setting you up for it."  

In season 22 Episode 6 John Eades covers the important topic of confidence. Not only what confidence is but how to build your confidence as a leader.

In the show he covers:

- Why confidence is like a flower

- Where the word confidence comes from

- The definition of confidence

- Why confidence is crucial

- How to build your confidence

- Why affirmations are so important

- How to get 1% better

- Why it's important to eliminate certain words from your vocabulary

- Why you must take other's words with a grain of salt

This podcast is brought to you by

Sep 3, 2019

"If you want to be a great leader it is going to take discipline. A willingness and the ability to sacrifice what you want now for what you want more later on."

In season 22 episode 5, John Eades covers the important topic of discipline.  Specifically why it's important you are self-disciplined with your daily choices. 

In the show he covers:

- The story about "Acres of Diamonds"

- What discipline means

- Why self-discipline is so important to becoming a better leader

- Why it's important you understand the Latin translation of the word

- How to be a more self-disciplines person

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Aug 27, 2019

“Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to what you are capable of.”

In season 22 episode 4 we are joined by Alan Stein Jr. He is the author of Raise Your Game and keynote speaker.  

In the show we cover:

- How do you lead yourself well?

- Why self-awareness is so important in leadership

- What you can do to become more self-aware

- How leaders can provide self-awareness to others

- Why leaders should reject complacency 

- Why comparison is toxic for leaders

- Why change is so important

- How limiting beliefs hold us back

- Alan’s favorite quotes

Aug 20, 2019

“Everything leaders do is communication.”

In season 22 episode 3, Father Matthew Kauth is an author and founder of St. Joseph's College Seminary.

In the show we cover:

- What it means to press into discipline

- How intentional leaders have to be about communication

- Why communication has to be in the mode of the receiver

- Why leaders want to be noble

- How leaders transfer belief to others

- Why leaders need to think bigger

- Why character development is so important for leaders

- How to think about fear

Aug 13, 2019

"You are good enough to lead.  You are good enough to build relationships, you are good enough for the promotion, you are good enough to help other people live out their potential."

In season 22 episode 2, John Eades covers "The Man in the Arena" and why you don't find great leaders you build them.  

In the show he covers:

- Why you should want to be in the arena

- Theodore Roosevelt's famous, "Man in the Arena" 

- Why you should pursue the platform of leadership

- Why it's important to keep up your education

- How to use daily interactions for growth

- Why it's important you never give up.

Aug 6, 2019

“Inside every individual is the seeds of greatness. A leader’s responsibility to develop an environment where those seeds can bloom.”

In season 22 episode 1 we are joined by Darren Ford.  Darren is a trainer, author, and coach.  He uses his wisdom and experience to help develop people to become the best version of themselves.  

In the show we cover

- What is dignity and why is it so important?

- What can leaders do to use pet peeves to their advantage

- What are the three most important decisions every organization make

- What can someone who wants to be a leader

- Why it’s important we don’t stay in a job we don’t like

- Why need to be people of character

- Why you shouldn’t cheat the company but keep the job

- How to think about work-life integration

Jul 30, 2019

“Courage is not simply one of the virtues but the form of every virtue at the testing point, which means at the point of highest reality. ” CS Lewis

In season 21 episode 10, John Eades covers the all-important topic of courage in leadership.

In the show he covers:

- A great story of courage in leadership

- Why courage is met at your testing point

- The 5 areas courage is needed in leadership

- How to build courage

- Why mindset matters

- One question every leader needs to ask themselves to be more courageous

- Why hesitation will hurt you

- Why you should act the way you want to feel

The podcast is brought to you by LearnLoft's Ultimate Leadership Academy.

Jul 23, 2019

“Your best self is always ahead of you”

In season 21 episode 9 we are joined by Jenn Andrews.  She is the Executive Director of the Move For Jenn Foundation, a sought after public speaker, and Health and Wellness Coach. 

In our powerful conversation we cover:

- Where Jennifer’s purpose came from?

- The power of Facebook Live

- How the #moveforjenn got started

- Why anxiety and worry are important topics today

- Why people struggle to ask for help

- Where do people hide when they struggle

- Why it’s important you have great people around you

- How to make goals become a reality


Jul 16, 2019

"The best leaders communicate what fires them up in a really authentic way.”

In season 21 episode 8, we are joined by Dustin Kaehr.  He runs the Lippert Academy for Leadership and is the author of the book Dear Boys. We discuss leadership, purpose, core values, parenting and more.  

In the show we cover:

- Why it’s important to look inside to get better

- Why we need objective clarity

- What's objective clarity

- What do the best leaders do after sharing mission and vision

- Why core values are so important

- How do you live out core values every day

- How do you scale core values across an organization

- Why culture is local

- Why it’s important to show up for the people you interact with

- Why genuine humility is so important in leadership

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Jul 9, 2019

While hearing and listening may seem like they serve the same purpose, the difference between the two is relatively significant. “Hearing is through ears, but listening is through the mind.”

In season 21 episode 7, John Eades covers the difference between hearing and listening then gives specific strategies to help you be a better listener as a leader. 

In the show he covers:

- What's the difference between hearing and listening?

- Why listening is so essential in becoming a better leader

- How to become a better listener

- Specific strategies to help anchor yourself to a conversation

- Why most people are bad listeners

- Why it's important you consider what someone else is saying

- How to prove you listened

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Jul 2, 2019

“Relentless preparation leads to reflective performance”

In season 21 episode 6 we are joined by Ken Coleman.  He is the author of the Proximity Principle, host of the Ken Coleman Show and the EntreLeadership Podcast. You can get the book at In the show we cover:

- What is the Proximity Principle

- Why hustle isn't all that matters

- 5 types of people you need in your career

- How to go about finding a mentor

- Why hard work and patience are so important

This podcast is brought to you by

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