Follow My Lead: Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow with John Eades

Every week on the Follow My Lead podcast, John Eades interviews exceptional leaders to extract their secrets and best practices to transfer knowledge to the leaders of tomorrow. The show focuses on helping modern professionals be better prepared to lead themselves and lead others. Popular topics include: Leadership, Management, and Motivation
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May 2, 2017

“Values are developed by what you recognize, reward and what you talk about”

In season 8 episode 4, we are joined by Howard Behar. He is a renowned business leader, author, speaker, and mentor who has influenced the lives of numerous men and women at all stages of their careers and at all levels and roles. For 21 years he led Starbuck’s domestic business as President of North America, and he became the founding President of Starbucks International opening the very first store outside of North America in Japan. During his tenure, he participated in the growth of the company from only 28 stores to over 15,000 stores spanning five continents.

You can find out more about Howard at

In our powerful conversation we cover:

- Why values mean so much to a business

- What made Starbucks unique

- Why businesses aren’t there to make money

- Why cultures are built and earned

- How values are developed in organizations

- The 6 P’s of Life and Leadership; Purpose, Passion, Persistence, Patience, Performance, People

- Why patience matters so much

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Apr 25, 2017

"Everyone needs leaders in their life that tell them, 'You can do better'." In season 8 episode 3 we are joined by Perry Tuttle. Perry Tuttle was a first round draft pick in the 1982 NFL draft and played 10 years of pro ball (NFL & CFL). Perry will always be remembered for the game winning catch during the 1982 Orange Bowl that won Clemson a national championship. He is a noted author, speaker, and leadership coach currently working with Fortune Companies and professional athletes to help them navigate the marketplace with character and integrity. Perry is also the Chaplain of the Charlotte Hornets.

This episode goes deep on what professional athletes really experience at the end of their career, great strategies to have blossoming relationships between parents and kids, why coaches are so important in life, what role faith plays in life and why Perry spent 1 whole years saying thank you to those who mattered to him.

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Apr 18, 2017

“Leadership is a way of enabling the intuiting of the whole of your organization towards a common objective.  If you get leadership wrong, people in your organization are only following your ideas which causes major issues."  In Season 8 episode 2 we are joined by Chris Paton. He is the Managing Director of Quirk Solutions an organization that specializes in something called Business Wargaming.

In our conversation we cover:

- What is Business Wargaming?

- What value do organizations receive by using Business Wargaming?

- What is the road to Abilene Paradox?

- Why failures occur in organizations

- How to get to success faster

- Why sharing plans out loud in front of a group should be a requirement

- Why is leadership so important?

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Apr 11, 2017

“The single greatest people skill is a highly developed and authentic interest in the other person” In Season 8 episode 1 we are joined by Bob Burg.  He is the author of a number of books on sales, marketing and influence, with total book sales of well over a million copies. His best selling book, the Go-Giver literally changed my life.  

You can follow Bob on social @bobburg or listen to his Go-Giver Podcast. 

We covered a ton of ground in our discussion including:

- Where did the Go-Giver come from?

- How to become a Go-Giver

- What can modern professionals do to become more self aware

- Why Leadership is Influence

- What is Influence

- Why we all need “drive by mentors”

- The 5 Laws of the Go-Giver

- What separates the successful from the ultra successful?

- The single greatest people skill people need

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Apr 4, 2017

"The hardest part in leading a remote workforce is without question connecting and inspiring people through video chat.”  In season 7 episode 8 we are joined by Michael Sacca the President of and host of the podcast. Whether you have a remote workforce or not, the truth is every organization is communicating differently and the workforce wants a slightly different work environment than in generations past.  

We also covered:

- What is discipline and why is it important in career selection

- Why working remotely is actually challenging

- What Generation X leaders can learn from the millennial workforce

- Why it's important to have defined leadership roles

- How a mentality switch for work can change everything

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Mar 28, 2017

"You need to be serving and pouring into others. Don’t meet or build a relationship with people for what they might give you, but try to give them something first." In season 7 episode 7 we are joined by Author, Speaker, and CEO of Leadercast Duane Cummings. His example of leadership is truly second to none and he shares great stories and examples from his journey to help you on yours. 

In our conversation we covered:

Why it’s important for a leader to do every job in the building.

Why every professional needs mentors in their life.

Why it’s important for us to seek people different than us.

How to be empathetic to others.

How to best connect with the millennial generation.

What are the common characteristics of great leaders.

Why consistency is so important in leadership.

Why it’s important to be a social CEO.

You can follow Duane on social @duanedcummings.

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Mar 21, 2017

“Today’s business environment is different; everything is measured in the inches that make you different or better than you competition.” In season 7 episode 6 we are joined by David Schroeder the Vice President of Quicken Loans Mortgage Services. He has been an integral reason for their rapid growth and is one of the best corporate leaders I have ever been around.   

We covered a lot of ground in our discussion including:

  • Why culture is so important to a team’s success
  • How does someone go about having urgency?
  • How to navigate high growth companies
  • 3 simple tenants leaders should look for in people
  • What do team members do to stand out from the rest
  • Why it’s important for team members be in the know
  • Why it’s the leaders responsibility to be open to new ideas
  • What every leader can learn from Cleveland Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert
  • What every young professional should do regardless of experience

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Mar 14, 2017

"Once you take ownership of your own development, you will have the opportunity to turn the corner and perform at levels you can't even imagine" In season 7 Episode 5, I take this episode solo to cover one our most popular blogs ever "How to Progress Faster In Your Career and Become a Leader," which had over 30,000 views and 3500 likes/ comments. 

We cover in detail the F.M.L. Framework for Standing Out and Being a Leader.  The framework is a series of best practices and lessons to you elevate your career and be a leader worth following.  

1. F - Follow First

2. M - My Development

3. L -Lead By Example

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

"If you can't learn to follow, you aren't ready to lead"

"People will create a perception of you baed on your actions, whether you like it or not"

"You have the ability to earn credibility and build trust through your actions"

Mar 7, 2017

“You can’t always choose the path you walk in life, but you can always choose the manner in which you walk it.”  In season 7 episode 4 we are joined by John O'Leary. He is the author of On Fire: The 7 Choices to Live a Radically Inspired Life, which was a #1 best seller. He is also an accomplished speaker and host of the Live Inspired Podcast. 

You can listen to the Live Inspired Podcast Here or Follow him on Facebook Here

In the show, John’s urges us to create and live by our own personal mission statement which answers the question, Why do you choose to thrive? John’s is simple “God demands it, my family deserves it, and the world is starved for it.”

We also covered:

- Why the fumes are what cause the most damage

- Why our stories have little to do with us

- What Jack Buck teaches us about leadership

- Why saying yes matters

- Why love and leadership are essentially the same word

- How to make positive choices

- Why all we have is today

- Why showing up is half the battle

- Why we all need a personal mission statement

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Feb 28, 2017

“Leaders create the culture that drives the behavior which produces the results.” In season 7 episode 3 we are joined by Brian Kight.  Brian is the CEO of Focus 3.  You can follow him on Social Media @tbriankight and listen to the Focus 3 Podcast here.  

We covered a lot of ground in the discussion including:

- The 1,000 year theory of personal development

- The formula of Event + Response = Outcome

- The real power of ‘Pressing Pause’

- What you can learn from the weight room

- What is BCD?

- What is discipline over default?

- The 3 levels of habit transformation

- What role does a leader play in culture and discipline?

- Advice to young professionals who are unfulfilled in their work

Get the book: F.M.L. Standing Out & Being a Leader

Feb 21, 2017

“Your ability to lead, to connect, to win people over is one of the most important skill sets you can develop.” In Season 7 Episode 2 we are joined by Ty Bennett. Ty is a world-renowned speaker, best selling author, entrepreneur, husband and father to 4. There is much to learn from Ty and his approach of "Partnership is the New Leadership."

You can learn more about him at or social @tybennett

We covered a lot of ground in our discussion including:

- What is “Partnership is the New Leadership?”

- Why influence is so important in leadership

- Why transformation doesn’t happen without leadership

- Why every professional should think about developing as a leader

- What is "lunch with “Winston?"

- Why Leadership is most demonstrated in the home

- Why being connected with our teams at work is so important

- How to lead from the C-Suite

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Feb 14, 2017

“We overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a decade.” In the first episode of Season 7 we are joined by Jim Estill the CEO of Danby Appliances.  He is a lifelong Entrepreneur who grew his first business to more than $350M in sales. After selling the business to SYNNEX, he became the CEO of SYNNEX Canada and grew the company's US supplies from $800 million to $2 billion.  

He is also an investor, advisor and board member to many technology businesses, including Blackberry – formerly Research In Motion (RIM) He has authored two books, Time Management and Zero to $2Billion and maintains the CEO Blog.  

We covered a lot of ground in our discussion including:

- Why revenue growth is so important to a business

- Why it’s important to never be quarterly focused

- Why people have more potential than they think

- Why habits are critical to success

- What a leaders most important job is

- Why it’s important to have organizational and individual scorecards

- Why everyone should do a weekly report to hold themselves accountable

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Feb 7, 2017

“Great leaders believe in their people and hold them to a high standard in order for them to reach their best.”  In Season 6 Episode 8 we are joined by Jon Gordon.  He is a world famous author and speaker. His best-selling books include the Energy Bus, The Carpenter, Training Camp, The Seed and You Win in The Locker Room, among others. His words and talks have inspired readers and audiences around the world. His principles have been put to the test by numerous NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB coaches and teams, Fortune 500 companies, school districts, hospitals and non-profits.

You can follow Jon on social @jongordon11 and find in on the web

We covered a lot of ground in our discussion including:

- How great leaders balance love and accountability

- Why Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney is a great leader

- What leaders can learn from Coach Swinney

- How to define love as a verb in the workplace

- Why discipline isn’t a negative thing

- Jon's favorite lesson from the “Energy Bus”

- Why it’s important to always remain a student

- How it all changed when Jon started doing the laundry

- Why your marriage needs to be your foundation

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Jan 31, 2017

“One Flap From a Butterfly’s Wing Can Cause a Hurricane Around the World.”  In season 6 Episode 7 we are joined by Toussaint Romain.  He serves as an Assistant Public Defender, an Adjunct Professor, and is actively involved in his community. 

He received national recognition for the role he played in working for peace during major rioting in Charlotte, NC. But as he tell us in the show this has been his work long before some highly publicized nights. Our conversation is authentic, real, and pushes the boundaries on what most would consider a comfortable conversation… 

- Why changing the race narrative is so important

- What can and should be done in both black and white communities

- Why challenging out implicit bias is critical

- What the 4 most important letters in Leadership really are.

- What's the difference between giving and offering vs sacrifice

You can follow Toussaint on Twitter

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Jan 24, 2017

“You have within you every quality of success necessary to be successful.” In season 6 episode 6 we are joined by Tom Ziglar.  Tom is the CEO of the Zig Ziglar Corporation. He is a sought after presenter, speaker, and author. Tom has taken the foundation his father, Zig Ziglar built and brought it into the modern generation.

We covered a lot of ground in our discussion including:

- Why momentum is so important in organizations

- The concept of Will, Skill and Refill

- Why everyone is born to win

- Why mindset is so important to becoming successful

- What holds people back from achieving greatness?

- How to prepare the way for others

- Why we all have the capacity to do more than you think you can

- Tom’s favorite lesson from Zig

- The power of the “Mental Model and Perfect Start”

- What is the fastest way to success?

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Jan 17, 2017

"Bosses have workers and leaders have followers." In season 6 episode 5 we are joined by Mack Story.  Mack believes everything rises and falls based on leadership. He is an experienced leadership coach, trainer and speaker who is a John Maxwell certified leadership trainer as well as the author of 9 leadership books.

We covered a lot of ground in our discussion including:

- The difference in bosses vs. leaders

- The productivity improvement that happens when people choose to follow

- Difference between growth mindset vs. goal mindset

- Why most companies lose top talent

- Why top leaders lose their growth mindset

- Why it’s so important to be intentional professional

- What’s the rule of 5

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Jan 10, 2017

"You are capable of achieving so little by yourself, so taking care of your team is critical" In season 6 Episode 4 we are joined by Tom Bilyeu the Co-founder of Quest Nutrition, Creator of Inside Quest, and now CEO and Host of Impact Theory.  

Follow Tom Bilyeu and Impact Theory




Snapchat: @TomBilyeu

Impact Theory: Latest Episode with Michael Strahan

We covered a ton of ground in our discussion including: 

- Why you always have to be moving the goal post on yourself

- Why it’s important you put maximum effort in

- What are you going to be the best in the world at?

- Why persuasion is so important in leadership

- Persuasion is far less intellectual and far more emotional

- Why the 3 layers of the brain is so important

- Wellness is a 360-degree endeavor

- Why community is so important in business and life

- Why self-belief is so important

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Jan 3, 2017

"How you start your day absolutely matters."  In season 6 episode 3, we are joined by Bob Beaudine. He is the most influential man in sports you've never heard of and the CEO of the most successful search firm in pro and college sports. If that wasn't enough, he is a sought after keynote speaker and best-selling author of The Power of WHO and 2 Chairs."  

You can check out the Power of Who and 2 Chairs or follow Bob on Social Media @yougotwho:

In our discussion we covered:

- Why everything you were told about getting a job is a lie

- What the most successful people have in common

- Why you have WHO People

- Why there is something great in everyone

- And much more...

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Dec 27, 2016

"What's your guiding star word for the year 2017." In season 6 episode 2 I take this episode solo to cover one of our most popular listener questions  at the end of the year.  Then we cover 10 lessons learned from the Follow My Lead Podcast in the year 2016.  They include:

  1. Best definitions of leadership by Peter Browning and Dave Redding
  2. The importance of being aware of our Leadership shadow by Dr. Will Sparks
  3. Your Reputation Travels with You Everywhere by Steve Starker
  4. Trust is the ultimate human currency by Bill McDermott
  5. Relationship are critical in leadership by Sean McDermott
  6. "What moves the needle" by Mac Lackey
  7. Success at work without success at home isn't success at all by Dale Partridge
  8. Be purposeful and present for breakthrough performance by Scott Cornwell
  9. Go off to the mountain by David Hughes

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Dec 20, 2016

“No matter what your role, be present in it. That way no matter what happens, even if you don’t get that promotion or become CEO you will have been happy.”  In season 6 Episode 1 we are joined by Peter Vanham.  He is the author of “Before I Was CEO” where he followed 20 CEO’s or high-level executives at Multi-National corporations on their professional journey to uncover commonalities in these top performers.  

Here are 3 Things You Can Do Early in your Career to Mimic CEO’s:

  1. Pace Your Career, It’s a Marathon
  2. Prioritized Your Personal Happiness
  3. Don’t Network, Nurture Existing Ties

Before I was CEO on Amazon

Before I was CEO on Barnes and Noble

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Dec 13, 2016

"We aren’t going to leave you behind, but we also aren’t going to leave you where we found you." In season 5 Episode 8, we are joined by F3 Founders Dave Redding and Tim Whitmire. They discuss how to effectively bring out the leader inside of you,  why we need people in our lives to hold us accountable, the 4 steps to leading, and a simple definitions of leadership and management.  

The 4 Steps to Leading:

  1. Have a unique vision
  2. Clearly Articulate that Vision
  3. Persuade people to move towards that vision
  4. Navigate the obstacles encountered on the road to reaching the vision

F3 Website

Find a Workout Near You

Video Link from the Interview on YouTube


Dec 6, 2016

“Leaders who don’t take a vacation are setting a terrible example for their people,” in Season 5 episode 7 we are joined by Leadership Expert Jon Mertz. He is the author of Activate Leadership and maintains the blog Thin Difference which is a forum dedicated to empowering Millennials to be better leaders, build stronger teams, and create richer lives.

We covered a lot of ground in our discussion included:

- Why is purpose so important in leadership

- Why developing future leaders is so important

- How does and organization go about defining a purpose

- Why it’s critical to define Your Leadership Philosophy

- Why mindfulness should be more than a buzzword

- Why leaders must take vacations

- How to be vulnerable in the workplace

- Why businesses should be a force for good

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Nov 29, 2016

In order to "Win in the Right Game"... Establish a career or a role within your life that matches who you are and has a sense of meaning for you. In season 5 Episode 6, we are joined by Sam Jones, the founder of TwentySomeone. He believes with the right coaching, people can thrive in uncertainty and reach their capabilities in work and in their personal life.  You can take the FREE SCORE Assessment and follow him on Instagram.

We covered a lot of ground in our discussion including:

- Why your expectations are out of alignment

- Why we should actually lower our expectations

- Why 71% of young professionals feel they are failing

- How social media affects us in a negative way

- How to add value in the next 24 hours

- Why coaching can accelerate your performance

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Nov 22, 2016

"The shift needed with Servant Leadership is to know that everyone has legitimate needs both personally and professionally. It's the leaders job to ensure their people meet those needs."  In season 5, Episode 5 we are joined by Matt Tenney a social entrepreneur and the author of Serve to Be Great: Leadership Lessons from a Prison, a Monastery, and a Boardroom and The Mindfulness Edge.  He envisions a world where the vast majority of people realize that effectively serving others is the key to true greatness. He also has a unique and fascinating story where he planned to steal $2.7M from the government only to determine it was a bad idea but it was too late and it landed him in a military prison for almost 6 years.

Follow him on twitter @matttenney1

We covered some of the following topics:

- Servant leadership defined

- Why defining your primary drive is important

- How to sustain servant leadership?

- Why engagement is a huge part of the success of team

- How leaders can cultivate really powerful relationships

- Why changing your email patterns can make a big impact on you

- Why being more present in life is so important

- How to think about Mindfulness in your life

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Nov 15, 2016

"Don't be afraid of experience, first."  In season 5 episode 4 we are joined by Rob Jeppsen the Founder and CEO of XVoyant, a Sales Coaching Technology organization committed to helping organizations develop world-class sales coaches. He has over 21 years of direct sales and sales leadership experience, working in some awesome companies like HireVue and Zion Bank and being responsible for hundreds of sales professionals and Billions in Revenue.

We covered a ton of great topics including:

- What the best sales leaders do

- Why modeling what good looks like is so important

- 3 Steps to being a better coach 

- Why patience is so important in your professional journey

- What’s harder leading at home or leading at work

- Advice to and modern professional interested in coaching or managing professionals

- What are great sports coaches to model

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