Follow My Lead: Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow with John Eades

Every week on the Follow My Lead podcast, John Eades interviews exceptional leaders to extract their secrets and best practices to transfer knowledge to the leaders of tomorrow. The show focuses on helping modern professionals be better prepared to lead themselves and lead others. Popular topics include: Leadership, Management, and Motivation
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Follow My Lead: Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow with John Eades



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Jun 27, 2017

“Our ability to perform at our highest level is recognizing the disciplines and behaviors that have made us successful but believing at a deep level that we can achieve great things.”  

In season 9 episode 4 we are joined by Ben Newman. He is a highly regarded Performance Coach, International Speaker, and Best-Selling Author, whose clients include top companies and professional athletes.  In one of our most motivational episodes of all time Newman challenges you to overcome the challenges in your life and reach for big goals.  

You can download the free Mental toughness playbook at and follow Newman on social media @continuedfight.

In our conversation we cover:

- Why obstacles ultimate can become your biggest opportunity

- Why sports and business blend so well together for leadership lessons

- Why mental toughness is so important in life

- Why positive actions steps can make all the difference

- How to discover your purpose as a professional

- Why it’s important to have strong relationships

- Why he uses @continuedfight social handle

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Jun 20, 2017

“The sooner you can get clear on what you want, you will have an edge on everyone else”

In season 9 Episode 3, we are joined by Patrick Bet-David. He is a successful entrepreneur, CEO of PHP (a financial services company), the creator of Valuetainment, (youtube channel that has well over 300k subscriber and videos that have accumulated millions upon millions of views.) 

 You can find Patrick on his website or check out Valuetainment on Youtube

In our conversation we cover:

- What is Entrepreneurship?

- Why Entrepreneurship is so important today?

- Why helping people is so important?

- Why you can’t be selfish in business and make it over the long term

- What you can learn from Walmart to help you in business

- The best thing that can happen to an entrepreneur

- How to judge a successful leader or coach?

- What’s harder leading at work or leading home?

- Why it’s important to invest in your own mind

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Jun 13, 2017

“No one can afford not to think of their personal brand anymore. The world has changed around you, you better change too.”

In season 9 episode 2 we are joined by social media and personal branding expert Kathleen Hessert. She is the CEO of Sports Media Challenge and has been a mover in the sports and media business for over 30 years. She has worked with people like Peyton Manning, Shaquille O'Neil, Pope Francis, and Derek Jeter. She is never satisfied with what has happened, she jumps at what can happen, then makes it happen. 

You can follow her on Twitter @kathleenhessert

In one of our most powerful episodes to date we cover:

- What you can learn from Peyton Manning about your personal brand

- What professionals can do to build a strong professional brand

- Why you need to be valued vs valuable in your organization

- Why Bravery is so important in life

- Why it’s important to be intentional

- Why it’s important companies and brands begin focusing on Generation Z

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Jun 6, 2017

“Being a leader isn’t about getting everything right, it’s about being committed to a continuous improvement process.”

In season 9 episode 1 we are joined by Callaway Golf CEO Chip Brewer. He has served as the CEO of Callaway Golf since March 2012 prior to that he served as the President and CEO of Adams Golf for 10 years. In a golf industry where many companies are shrinking or selling off parts of the business, Callaway has become the leader in the space. 

You can learn more about Callaway at

In our conversation we cover:

- What challenges leaders face in an organizational turnaround

- Why it’s important for leaders to listen to the marketplace

- Why having great products is a key to DSPD

- How to think about failure in order to innovate?

- What’s it like to be the CEO of a publicly traded company?

- Why it’s important to love your profession

- Who's Chip’s favorite Professional Golfer to play with

- His top 3 golf courses to play

- Other leadership lessons learned from the market share leader in golf

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