Follow My Lead: Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow with John Eades

Every week on the Follow My Lead podcast, John Eades interviews exceptional leaders to extract their secrets and best practices to transfer knowledge to the leaders of tomorrow. The show focuses on helping modern professionals be better prepared to lead themselves and lead others. Popular topics include: Leadership, Management, and Motivation
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Follow My Lead: Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow with John Eades



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Aug 30, 2016

In Season 4 Episode 1 we are joined by Bob Skea. Bob has over 25 years of executive business experience in general management, sales, strategy and operations. Bob is currently Head of the Americas for Dun & Bradstreet, overseeing $1.2 billion in revenue and hundreds of sales and service professionals, a position he has held since November 2014. Bob’s previous role was Executive Vice President of North American Sales at Interactive Data Corporation (IDC), where I first met him. His experience working in large and small companies was knowledge that was too good not to dig into and learn from.

We covered a lot of ground in the interviewing including:

- Why developing you own leadership style is so important

- What’s the hardest thing about managing people?

- Why allowing people to grow is so important

- The hardest thing about leading large global teams

- What people are really motivated by

- How to get short-term results while focusing on people development

- What are the 4 characteristics of exceptional professionals

- What’s harder leading at home and at work?

- Why it’s so important to blend work and personal lives

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Aug 23, 2016

Following your passion and doing things that people don't think is possible, is generally worth pursuing.  In the final episode of Season 3 we are joined by Mac Lackey of  Mac has built and sold five companies and raised over $75 million dollars in capital. He and his startups have been featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, USAToday and The New York Times. But beyond his professional successes is an exceptional man and we were excited to have him on the show. 

You can find him online @maclackey.

We covered a lot of ground in our discussion including: 

Should you follow your passion professionally?

Why you shouldn’t listen to those that say “you can’t”

Why it’s important to question conventional logic

Why sharing a common mission and vision with your team is paramount.

What is the difference between management and leadership?

What happens when a team doesn’t buy into a vision?

Why betting on people is always a good idea

Why investing in yourself matters

How to continue to develop yourself professionally

What is the move the needle theory?

How a leader can build trust

What’s powerful to model about others?

This podcast is brought to you by  An organization focused on providing education that delivers value for modern professionals.  

Aug 15, 2016

We are all a work in progress. Everyday we have to constantly reinvent what we brought from yesterday and keep dreaming about what we can be tomorrow, that’s why winner’s have to dream.  In season 3 Episode 7 we are joined by Bill McDermott the CEO of SAP. He leads the company’s nearly 80,000 employees and more than two-million-person ecosystem in executing SAP’s vision and strategy to make the world run better and improve people’s lives. He is an author of Winner’s Dream: A journey from the Corner Store to the Corner Office.

You can follow him on social:

Twitter: @billrmcdermott 


We covered a ton of topics including:

- Why no one can take away your professional dream

- What one bit of advice he gives to every modern professional

- Why having a business purpose is so import

- What one thing leaders will never be forgiven for

- Why leaders choose trust

- Why it’s so important to have people better than you

- Why passion is so critical in business

- How to create followers

- Why You Have to Give Trust to Get Trust

- Why people really desire and need great leaders

- How to set a big vision in a new role

- What is harder leading at work or at home

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Aug 9, 2016

In Season 3 Episode 6 we are joined by Navid Ahdieh a Vice President and Client Executive at North Highland, a global management consulting firm.  He has spent the past 18 years advising financial services clients on initiatives spanning merger integration, revenue growth, cost optimization, change management & adoption, business strategy, complex transformations, risk management, customer interaction and leadership development.  Underpinning his client service responsibilities, is a passion for recruiting, mentoring and leadership development that extends from millennial professionals to emerging executives.  North Highland’s purpose driven culture and values has been the ideal setting for Navid to help future leaders hone their skills in service excellence, teaming behaviors, business growth and client experience.

Social media links

On twitter:  @northhighland

We covered a lot of ground including:  

- How certain decision in his life set him up for a different kind of life

- Why Purpose Driven work is so Important

- Why leadership comes from everywhere at Northhighland Consulting

- How to keep organizational leadership simple

- What are the keys to good leadership

- Why you need specific disciples around your thought

- Why Feedback is such a powerful gift

- How to avoid the golden handcuffs

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Aug 2, 2016

Roderic Yapp is the founder of Leadership Forces - a specialist leadership development organization that supports fast growing companies in London, UK.  

He is a former Royal Marines Commando Officer who has served on operations across the world. Highlights include leading Marines in Afghanistan in 2007 and evacuating civilians from Libya during the Arab Spring in 2011. He spent two years coaching leaders in the nuclear industry giving him a wealth of experience in sectors where leaders simply cannot afford to underperform. He now works with private equity/venture capital backed companies that are growing rapidly - helping them to develop high performance cultures by developing their leaders.

We covered a ton of ground in our discussion, some highlights include:

- Why companies value people over profit

- Statistics beyond management failures in the workplace

- Why people leave people not companies

- How to keep customers by taking care of your people

- Why organizations don’t feel their millennials are ready to lead

- Why leaders aren’t born but made

- What the definition of leadership is

- Why having an organization vision is so important

- Why purpose adds value to organizations

- How to define your business or team purpose

- The one way to add value to the workplace

- Why tracking leading KPI’s is more important than Lagging KPI’s

- What are you working towards and why are you doing it

 See the Youtube Video

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