Follow My Lead: Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow with John Eades

Every week on the Follow My Lead podcast, John Eades interviews exceptional leaders to extract their secrets and best practices to transfer knowledge to the leaders of tomorrow. The show focuses on helping modern professionals be better prepared to lead themselves and lead others. Popular topics include: Leadership, Management, and Motivation
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Follow My Lead: Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow with John Eades



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Nov 13, 2018

"You were not meant to observe you were meant to participate"

In season 18 episode 3, John Eades starts a new series called Versus which explores various aspects of leadership when you choose one thing versus another.  This week he explores observing versus participating and 4 things you can do to be a better leader at work regardless of your role.  

In the show he also covers:

- The Leadership Compound Theory

- The PTS Method

- How to create better outcomes

- Why it's important you break down silos

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Nov 6, 2018

"Doing what is right is always right"

In season 18 episode 2, John Eades covers two types of communication and which one is more important as a leader.  

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In the show John covers:

- The difference between verbal and visual communication

- The definition of behavior

- A great example of a special Olympics teammate that modeled leadership

- Three types of communication styles

- Why it's important you allow yourself to be human

- Why you can't forget you will be tempted

- What you can do if your behavior is suffering




Oct 30, 2018

"You don’t need permission to lead, instead, you have the power to choose to lead"

In season 18 episode 1, John Eades covers the important topic of Permission in leadership.

In the show he covers:

  • The definition of leadership
  • What is permission and should you care
  • 5 Ways to pursue leadership
  • Why the corporate leadership system is broken

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Oct 16, 2018

“The culture is driven towards recognizing talent but in business, skills get you hired and character gets you fired.”

In season 17 episode 8 we are joined by Joel Freeman.  He is the CEO of the Freeman Institute, author, speaker, and leader.  In one powerful interview Freeman and Eades cover:

- What character is so important

- Why values are more caught than taught

- What is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to race

- Why communication is so important

- What responsibility do leaders have in bridging the race gap

- Why is the diversity of thought so important on team’s today?

- Why the act of commitment is so important

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Oct 9, 2018

“People want to go somewhere with someone who knows where they are going.”

In season 17 episode 7, we are joined by Tyler Dickerhoof.  He is an experienced entrepreneur who mixes faith, health, parenting, and marriage make a big impact on the world.  

In our discussion we cover:

The 4 Pillars of Life -  Work, Faith, Family Health

- Ways to prioritize health

- How can leaders be healthier

- Why Passion is so important in leadership

- How leadership is different from direct employees vs non-direct

- How important is the law of attraction

- Why belief and confidence is so important in leadership

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Oct 2, 2018

“We don’t live our lives on the mountaintop, we can find great joy and ultimately peace in what happens in the valley.”

In season 17 episode 6 we are joined by Shawn Askinosie.  He is the author of Meaningful Work and Founder of Askinosie Chocolate.  His story and life are ones anyone can learn from.  

In the podcast we cover:

- Why finding your purpose is so important

- What causes us to lose our passion?

- What is the rule of life

- How important is consistency in life and leadership

- How to make a big decision in life and leadership

- Why business isn’t just about making money

- What role does a leader have in helping people know they are alive


Sep 25, 2018

“We live up to the labels that are given to us”

In season 17 episode 5 we are joined by Mareo McCracken.  He is an advisor, writer, coach, and Revenue Officer at Movemedical. In our conversation we cover:

-What do most leaders care about; people or results?

- How does a leader not just say they care about their people?

- Why is confidence so important?

- What is self-esteem?

- What role leaders play in the development of confidence and self-esteem

Learn more about Mareo here


Sep 18, 2018

"A leader's visions must go beyond what the eyes can see"

In season 17 episode 4, John Eades covers the purpose trifecta in an effort to help you lead your team better.  In the show we cover:

- 3 types of people

- The purpose trifecta

- How to onboard a new team member

- What is being mission focused

- Why you must define core values

- Why you should be a visionary leader

- How to think about vision

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Sep 11, 2018

"If you don’t have a game plan around accountability as a leader you shouldn't even try" 

In season 17 episode 3 we are joined by Todd Weiden.  He is the head of Branch Transformation at SunTrust Bank.  He has led teams and people for over 10 years with incredible results.  In the episode, he shares incredible lessons about:

- How to look for promotional opportunities

- How to turn around a team as a leader

- Why You should use a spark to get a team going

- Why You Have to Invite Your Team to Perform Better

- How to be Creative With Content As a Leader

- Why Consistency is so important

- Why Communication is critical to the success of any team

- How content can help build accountability and skill

- Why are priorities so important in leadership

- How to handle underperforming people

- How to think about accountability

- What’s the best way to think about hustle

- What’s harder leading at home or leading at work

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Sep 4, 2018

"When you set standards and you allow your people to choose to meet or exceed them you get an entirely different response."

In season 17 episode 2, John Eades and Mark Houston go through the 5 Leader Profiles of the Welder Leader Assessment to help you on your leadership journey.  

In the conversation we cover:

- Where the welder leader research started

- Why Dabo Swinney is a great example of a Welder leader

- How should leaders define love

- How should leaders define discipline

- Examples of all 5 leader profiles

- Why it's important to help someone be at their best

- What do you do if people aren't meeting standards

- What do you do if you are a manager, ruler, pleaser, dabbler, or welder?

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Aug 28, 2018

“A leader shouldn’t just care about the job getting done but care about the person as a human being”

In season 17 episode 1 we are joined by Connie Hawkins. She is a master encourager and shares lessons about the power of encouragement you can't find anywhere else.  

In the episode we cover:

- What is encouragement

- Why is giving encouragement so important

- How can we all be better encouragers

- Why everyone needs encouragement

- Why are so many people discouraged today

- What happens when someone rejects discouragement

- What role should a manager play in encouraging their people

- What role a spouse should play in encouraging their husband or wife

- Why spouses give up too early

Aug 21, 2018

"The ability for a group of people to do remarkable things hinges on how well those people can pull together as a team."

In season 16 episode 8 John Eades covers teamwork and why it's so important to the success of any leader. 

In the podcast you will learn:

- 2 great examples of teamwork from the game of soccer

- How to run a meeting that encourages teamwork

- Why you have to change your mindset in order to have great teamwork

- How to make each member of the team feel valuable

- The three most important words a leader says to their people

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Aug 14, 2018

"Talented people are not attracted to empty core values, but rather the exercising of them."

In season 16 episode 7, John Eades covers some of the most important content ever covered on the show, 10 Tips to Effectively Lead a Team.  

In the show we cover:

- Why leading a team is so hard

- The 3 big elements of leading a team

- The two C's of leadership

- Why relationships are so important in leadership

- How to define core values

- Why having a safe and connected environment is so important

- How to coach for both short-term development and long-term growth

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Aug 7, 2018

“If you feel unqualified and out of your element, that’s the job you should take.  Follow your joy”

In season 16 episode 6 we are joined by Joanne Tate. She is an incredible leader who transformed schools and made an impact on students.

In our conversation we cover:

- What is the arch of a career?

- Why resisting a new job is ok

- Why core values, vision, and mission are so important

- What is the impact of leading the correct way

- Why culture is so important

- How often should a leader think about their impact

- Why relationships are so important in leadership

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Jul 31, 2018

“Talent is the unique way you think, you feel, and the way you act”

In season 16 episode 5 we are joined by Tim Hiller. He is a former NFL and Division 1 college QB. Today, Tim leads the Talent Management function of the Instruments division of Stryker, a Fortune 500 medical technologies firm based in Michigan.

- Leadership lessons learned from the football huddle

- Lessons learned from Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning

- Why commander’s intent is so important

- What is leadership?

- Why expectations are so important?

- Why talent is so important towards your success

- The difference between telling and asking

- How do you get your people to serve?

- How to look for talent

- Why striving is so important

- How to bring faith to work in a large organization

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Jul 24, 2018

"Spread leadership at all times, only use words when you have to."

In season 16 episode 4 John Eades covered the most important decision you have to make as a leader.  

In the episode we cover:

- Did you choose leadership or did it choose you

- What does it mean to be a leader

- Why knowing the definition of leadership isn't enough

- Why your example and the model you provide matters

- Are you interested or committed to being a leader?

- The Ultimate Leadership Academy

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Jul 17, 2018

“Your job as a leader is to lift other people up”

In season 16 episode 3 we are joined by Brad Lomenick. He was the CEO of Catalyst and the author of H3 Leadership.

- Why Habits are so important in life and leadership?

- Why it’s important you are developing people early on

- How leaders should look for character?

- Why do we have so many bad leaders?

- How do you prepare people to do their next job?

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Jul 10, 2018

“Communication is the key that keeps a company going. When it starts to break down, problems start to happen.”

In season 16 episode 2 we are joined by Allen Gannett. He is the CEO of Track Maven and Marketing Analytics company as well as the author of The Creative Curve.  

You can follow him on LinkedIn here, get the book here, or learn more about Track Maven here.

In our conversation we cover:

- Why maturity makes you a more effective leader

- How do you go about being vulnerable with your team

- How to be proactive to develop your culture

- Why hiring is so important in the development of culture

- Why people should care about creativity

- What are our two evolutionary urges

- Why you must do purposeful practice

- How to be a creative

- How to build a brand on LinkedIn

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Jul 3, 2018

"I try to encourage and inspire every leader in our company to serve their teams."

In Season 16 episode 1, we are joined by Jason Lippert the CEO of  Lippert Components Incorporated (LCI), a $2.0+ billion revenue company with 11,000 team members across the US, Canada and Italy. They are a supplier of specialized and complex component solutions for our customers in the RV industry, manufactured housing, leisure and mobile transportation industries.

In our conversation we cover:

- Why organizational leadership should stop managing based on results

- How generations thought differently about the development of people

- Why Jason believes "Everybody Matters"

- How to create a business where people are truly valued

- Why Core Values are so important in leadership

- What is a "dream manager"

- How to drastically reduce lower turnover

- Why culture is so important to LCI's success

- How to attract great talent

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Jun 26, 2018

"Everyone’s role is different but the status is the same"

In season 15 episode 8 we are joined by Villanova Head Basketball Coach Jay Wright and Citigroup CEO of Global Cards Jud Linville.

In the conversation we cover:

- How to be patient in your career?

- What are the leadership habits that make them successful?

- How do leaders lead in today’s social media world?

- How to think about talent and what to look for in people to ensure they are a culture fit

- Why you should put an intense focus on culture?

- How do you create more leaders instead of more followers?

- What is the single most important attribute of a leader?

- How to define leadership

- How these great leaders define leadership?

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Jun 19, 2018

"The role of being in a leadership position provides an incredible opportunity make you more fulfilled at work."

In season 15 episode 7, I cover the important topic of fulfillment at work and how a position of leadership is handled correctly can make it a reality.  Instead of shying away or looking at all the negatives what if you looked at the great opportunity that comes with having an elevated position in an organization.

In the show we cover:

- The PEG Factor

- Why you should care about being fulfilled at work

- How to think about PEG Factor if you are already leading a team

- The amount of money you should focus on to provide

- Why experiences matter so much in your career and life

- How to know if you are growing in your role

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Jun 12, 2018

“Successful crisis management requires effective simultaneous communication and action”

In season 15 episode 6 we are joined by Melissa Agnes. She is a leading authority on crisis preparedness, reputation management, and brand protection. She is also the author of Crisis Ready:Building an Invincible Brand in an Uncertain World.

In the conversation we cover:

- What's the difference between a crisis and an issue

- How to lead effectively through crisis

- What to do if crisis strikes your organization or team

- Why you must focus on action and communication in crisis

- Why crisis management is really about people

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Jun 5, 2018

"Emotional Intelligence is the ability to make emotions work for you, not against you."

In season 15 episode 5 we are joined by Justin Bariso.  He is an author, speaker, consultant and one of's most popular columnists. He just released his new book EQ Applied: The Real World guide to Emotional Intelligence.

You can get the book here.

In the conversation we cover:

- What is emotional intelligence

- Why is EQ so important

- Can someone be trained to improve their EQ?

- 6 Surprising Ways to Build Emotional Intelligence

- Why empathy is so important in leadership

- How to influence others like FBI agent Chris Voss

- How do you develop EQ in kids

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May 29, 2018

“In order to improve performance reviews for your people you must collect data from more people than just yourself.”

In season 15 episode 4 we are joined by Dave Needham.  He is the CEO of Ohos a real-time feedback and performance evaluation software company. 

On the show we cover:

- How often should performance review be done?

- Why performance reviews are broken?

- How the best leaders do performance reviews

- How leading and lagging indicators play into performance reviews

- How managers think about improving performance reviews

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May 22, 2018

“If you change yourself, you can change your organization and it will make you happier.”

In season 15 episode 3, Whitney Johnson joins us on the show.  She was named one of the world's fifty most influential management thinkers by Thinkers50 in 2017. She is also the author of the bestselling Build an A-Team (2018) and Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work (2015).

You can learn more about here.

In the conversation we cover:

- How to define success

- How do optimize your own learning curve

- How do you optimize the learning curve for your people

- How do you not get complacent when running your team

- How the best leaders help their people grow?

- How much the size of an organization play into the opportunity for growth

- How to become a talent magnet and build an ‘A’ team.  

- What is harder leading at work or leading at home?

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